Personal Coaching

Whether you are a business owner, manager or employee, everyone fancies the question of personal development and evolution. A competitive (labor) market means that everyone should query about the future, permanently asking whether he’s on the right place, in the right job, if his working style suits with his employees and / or colleagues. A professional partner, at the same time entrepreneur and employee, is in a recognizable situation, and is perfectly able to help you to find the right answers.

Development plan

Each individual has capacities and often knows the direction he or she wants to evolve in, but sometimes lacks a step that will help to achieve his or her goal. A development plan is not an optional exercise, but a concrete roadmap with measurable points set in a time frame. Anago facilitates the lay-out and the assessment of this plan.

Mutations & Promotions

Organizations need to make choices on human capital on a regular basis. These are often complex management issues. Who has the necessary skills to replace an employee who retires or leaves the company? Maybe we need to modify the expectations of the job?  How do we ensure that the right employee is put in the job without pulling him inefficiently out of a job where he has proved to be successful?  How do we ensure a lasting motivation of existing employee(s)? The answer to this questions are complex. Only a thorough and professional decision can ensure a sustainable solution for the future.

Assessment of the potential

A successful orientation within the company or the job market starts with a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, in other words, the potential and motivation. Through testing and in-depth interviews, a personal SWOT – analysis will be determined. Then follows the real deal and you start to work under supervision of a professional consultant to define your development path.  Anago consultants provide the right feedback and facilitate the process.

Consulting in three areas


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