Consulting in three areas


An organization is more than the sum of its employees. How do they perceive the organization culture, the structure, the processes …? Our social audit tool will map it for you.   How are the employees experiencing the functioning of the management as a team? How does your staff evaluate the position of your company on the market? These are often subjective questions that are difficult to objectify.

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Do you have a clear view on the potential of your current employees?  What are their motivations and ambitions? These are crucial data when you have to decide on mutations or promotions.  In the process of attracting new employees, our recruitment and selection servicesguarantee a thorough and sustainable approach.

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A career largely determines who you are.  You are also spending a big part of your life working. To give your career the right direction, Anago can be a valuable sounding board. Either through a coaching program or in the development of an adequate career which seems to fit with your professional expectations.

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