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Anago was founded in 2002 by a number of experienced consultants. The aim was to combine a vision of business and business strategy with a classical human resources consulting approach. After more than 10 years the idea still stands.

Entrepreneurs, employees and executives are in need of professional partners with a proven track record as a consultant. Today, the partners of Anago each have more than 20 years of experience, both in multinational companies and small and medium sized enterprises.

Their thorough market knowledge provides a basis for an answer to your questions. How to evolve my business and what is the role I can play in the coming years? How should I hire new employees? How can I develop my existing employees? Who has the potential to lead my company, are my children ready for it? And does the company that I wish to take over, offer sufficient guarantees on human capital to realize a capital gain?
Does the job that I exercise now correspond to my needs and ambitions? And what are my chances on the labor market with my actual skills, and where do I have to improve? These are just some of the possible questions that Anago can help you with.

The Anago team guarantees a professional answer to your questions, based on a thorough knowledge of the market.


Peter Coolen

Peter has more then 20 years of consulting experience.  After an academic role at the University of Antwerp, Peter started in 1990 as Business Consultant within Mercuri Urval. In 2002 he decided to pursue his career as an independent HR consultant. He took on various assignments as well for SME as for multinational companies, amongst others in the automotive, chemical and consumer goods industry. The last years he became more and more an in house consultant for companies looking for a long term partnership, based on knowledge of the company and a professional approach of management issues.

Jef Maeseele

Jef started as a consultant in 1994 within Mercuri Urval. He became responsible for some major customers and was in charge for the development of the public sector and the development of international public organizations.  In 2002 he founded Anago, based on a more sustainable approach of human capital issues.  Since 2010 he’s also responsible for human resources management within a strong and fast growing family owned chemical company in the Ghent Area.

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